Ili (BD%), which is a volatility index that measures volatility in percentages instead of points. The concept behind BD percent is to create an index that is based on the standard deviation (CSD) which ranges from zero to 100 percent.
You can use BD% to compare the volatility of the same security over different time periods or over different time frames. In addition you can make use of BD percent to evaluate the volatility between different securities on different markets, in terms of percentages instead of points.


  • If BD% falls below 90% and then is above that level it's an indication that prices are able to fluctuate within a range.
  • If the BD percent is greater than 90%, then it crosses that level downward and the price is higher than its simple moving average it's a sign that a new uptrend has started. As the BD percentage falls further and deeper, the volatility and intensity of the trend grow. When the BD percent is zero indicates that the your volatility is at its greatest.
  • If the BD percentage is above 90% and then crosses that level downwards while the price is below its simple moving average, it is an indication that a new downtrend is beginning. As the BD percentage falls further and deeper, the volatility and strength of the trend increases. If BD% is zero percentage, it means that it is the highest level of volatility.

To learn more about BD%, read the user guide here:

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I downloaded the trial version and was impressed so I bought the full version and am in 2 profitable trades already thing is though that the author is happy to share knowledge and has already responded to a few queries already, this makes a good seller, in my opinion. I really like the design of TDO from this developer too that I am demonstrating the products. They are visually appealing and very useful - 5 stars, thank you Muhammed
I really like this indicator.
This indicator can detect volatility ; it could increase as the winning rate increases combine with using other indicators.
Excellent volatility indicator for trading strategy, is helpful as a filter to help you from entering week trades. Bermaui Deviation Percent you have to use as combination with other indicators . It's no secret that all indicators of technical analysis are not performing as well as they should . It is important to realize that sometimes, they won't lead you into a good trade, it is normal thing using indicators. Overall, my rating is five stars.
Just Very Very GOOD Indicator . Thank again Muhammad for your wonderful job.
So far so good. This indicator does not only generate high probability signals but, more importantly, it keeps you out of lower probability trades that you may ordinarily have entered.
Good indicators that are accurate and reliable.
There is nothing else as powerful as this indicator. When you use the Bermaui Bands + Deviation% the likelihood of entering a bad trade is nearly nothing for as long as you are trading in the direction of the trend and avoid entering into resistance or support. Thank you!
Hi Muhammad, good day I have already purchased Bermaui Bands as well as Deviation Percent and they work well. Can I have BD candles please? thank you for your great indicator, thank you for your sharing