EA Cypress is an Expert Advisor for the EURUSD currency pair that allows trading in fully automatic mode and also following the orders opened by the user. To do this, the chart has buttons to switch between modes and open and close orders. The recommended time frame is M5. It is a market entry using the RSI and Stochastic indicators. It is a part of the market Buy and Sell. It is able to work with all funds, and leaves some funds in reserve. When the option Draw Signal Arrows is set, the Expert Advisor will draw signal arrows on the chart to facilitate market entry that can be used for semi-automatic or manual trading. The Expert Advisor displays information on open positions on the chart in two languages, in Russian or English (set within the setting), as well as on the account status and current profits.
MT5 version here:

Input settings​

The Expert Advisor works with both four- and five-digit quotes. We define the parameters for four-figures, The Expert Advisor recalculates everything to 5-digit quotes
  • Choose Language Select the language in which information is displayed on the chart
  • New Cycle - Turn on/off the new trade cycle
  • Max Spread - Filter on the maximum allowed spread
  • Max Slippage - Maximum slippage for closing and opening orders. Increase the slippage if your broker is sliding or if the quotes are coming in extremely fast
  • Allow BUY Open Buy Orders
  • Allow Sell - Open sell orders
  • Reserve in percent - The amount of reserves that will not be used for trading
  • Use Autolot True Use autolot. false - Do not use
  • Autolot Size the amount of funds to calculate autolot
  • Initial Lot Initial lot to trade without autolot. If autolot = true it is used for autolot calculation
  • Lot Multiplier - By how much to multiply the next lot
  • Variant Multiplier - Multiplier version: SumLot - multiply amount of opposite orders; LastLot - multiply the last lot that was that was opened.
  • Take Profit, pips - Points for profit (set as for four digits).
  • Max Open Orders BUY - Maximum number of BUY orders.
  • Max Open Orders SELL -- Maximum amount of orders SELL.
  • Max Open Orders TOTAL - Total maximum number of orders.
  • Distance, pips - How far is it to open the locked positions (specified as 4 characters).
  • BE Orders Count - The number of orders in the market, following which Expert Advisors will begin the process of opening positions for all orders at Breakeven.
  • BE Profit points - The number of points to open the positions at Breakeven.
  • Close total if Profit, cash close all positions when profit exceeded the amount set in this parameter
  • Close Total if loss or Money - Close all positions if Loss was at the level set in this parameter
  • Auto-stop trading in case of you have a loss close to - Disable the auto-trading feature if there was loss
  • RSI Period - Period of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator.
  • UpLevel - The upper level of the stochastic for the opening of Sell orders.
  • DownLevel The lower part of the stochastic for opening Buy orders.
  • K-Period Stochastic Stochastic - K - Stochastic indicator period.
  • D-Period Stochastic - D - Stochastic indicator.
  • Stochastic is slowing - Stochastic indicator slows down.
  • Push notifications to send trading notifications to the terminal on your smartphone
  • Show information on the chart - true - Show the information in a block; false - Don't show.
  • Show Button Panels - Show or not show the position of open and closed bars
  • Draw TakeProfit Line Draw the Take Profit Line on the chart
  • Magic ID- Magic position number

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