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FAD Expert Advisor​

The FAD Expert Advisor works by entering a trade in line with the trend. MA_Period and ATR_Multiplier are used when calculating if we are entering a trend.
SL_Multiplier can be used to closing or for the Auto SL feature that will move your stop loss along with the MA. SL_Multiplier can be set to 0 for no stop loss.
Works on all time frames and pairs.
There is no reason why EA can be left alone. Human intervention is essential.
MagicNumber is a Magic Number used to process orders
ATR_Multiplier: Used in the trend calculation
MA_Period: The MA Period to be used in trend calculation
MIN_RSI: Will not sell if RSI is lower than the MIN_RSI
MAX_RSI: Cannot be able to buy if RSI is above the MAX_RSI
Lot_Size: Starting Lot Size
TP_Multiplier: Used to calculate the ATR based Take Profit (set to 0 for no use)
SL_Multiplier: Used to calculate the ATR-based Stop Loss (set to 0 to not use)
If you enable UseAutoMoveSL your SL will move along with the MA
MaxOpen maxOpen: Max trades that can be open
MultiProfit: Will end all trades if profit is greater than this value
MaxSpread: Max Spread
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