• This was compiled using the user's metrics based on the color of the user.
  • If the color is green, you can make multiple.

  • If the color is red, blank.

  • If the color is yellow, the conjuncture is an inversion, better flat or empty hopper.

Parameters details:
Lots: EA number of arms
Sl: number of points
Tp: tension limit
Magic: current EA order marking it is an identifier that is distinctive and can be used alongside other EA identification marks or manually it is advised not to alter the amount of points
The MAPeriod is: EA next work cycle, it is recommended not to change

This is what I have been doing for a long time, following the manual process to create one document, more accurate, and then developed an indicator according to the color of the line identified in one direction and then by the indicator signals that are which are based on EA without time or currency restrictions.
Presently, EA is best for 15 minutes 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours of working time and is more efficient.
The EA currently doesn't recommend using time cycles of 1 - 5 minutes or more, even though the natural metrics are unlimited, but they don't yield any results.
When you're testing, make sure to test "optimize" to determine which method is the most effective for what time period.
It is recommended that the EA platform to pick dealers with small differences.
the currency used in the current EA is only one.
Since transactions in foreign currency occur over the course of 24 hours, any words that are manually based on indicators are dependent on emotional and personal time when using the current EA can be accomplished in a way that is automated according to the EA.
This indicator was built into the Follow Line MA In Color index, but it was not shown in the chart when it was included.
If you are testing wallpaper or historical data It is recommended that you add the Follow Line MA In Color index into the chart so you can clearly show the current conditions and environment of EA documentation releases.
Indicator download: https: / / www.Mql5.Com / zh / market / product / 37077
Information on this worksheet :https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/557404
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