The Victori expert system is based on the Limited Martingale principle. The user decides on the number of steps and the stop loss, so that the system is secure. Expert systems are set up to work using EUR/USD and it isn't recommended to use other pairs. Time frame M1 is no longer recommended. It works with a deposit of $ 1000 and lot 0.01 However, it is recommended to deposit 10000 dollars and lot 0.1, in this variant will be more effective Martingale. To complete the orders, the order was executed using the timeframe H1. Also, the analysis of the entry point is performed on the timeframe H1 and M1 taken together. You can test and optimize the opening prices as well as the control points. It's possible to work with accounts with floating spreads The standard spread is 20 pips, however, the Expert Advisor can work with both small and large spreads.
The Expert Advisor is a new product in that it uses neural networks for bot tuning. It works in the following manner: many EAs have good results over only a small amount of time However, if you choose to use an extended period of time there are issues because the bot is looking for different settings at different time periods. Thus, this expert system employs a neural network that filters the input data based on time and not price. Dependencies are derived by hour and day, but not by month or year. That is, there are two independent systems one of which is the Expert Advisor itself. The second one is the system built on the neuronet which adjusts the first system. This means that one part of the bot changes some important parameters of the other portion of the bot. The first system has a dependent on price, and is the strategy. The second system has a dependence on time and adapts the initial system. For more accurate testing using the tick history from Dukascopy servers to optimize your trading and the results can be seen in the screenshots. It is free to download via the Internet and converted to your Metatrader.
Similar methods are employed in the system that is used for MT5 NeuralRegr but with the distinction that the parameters of the neural network are optimized with the metatrader's algorithm for genetics.
I ask you to consider the features of the bot. And If this algorithm isn't suitable for someone, simply leave the page. Thank you for your understanding.
The bot's parameters will be displayed at the beginning of the discussion because there is not enough space.
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