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Parabolic Oscillator is a fully automated Expert Advisor that is based on Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Oscillator. Parabolic SAR determines the direction of trade (one position is opened between pivot points). Positions are created on the basis of the Stochastic Oscillator. The Expert Advisor uses the Stochastic Oscillator in an unusual way for this indicator.

Additional modules​

  • Lot_PROGRESSION is used to boost the STOCHASTIC_LOT value for each subsequent position by the minimum allowed step starting from the base value. The mechanism is limited to the limit of STOCH_LVL, which is the number of positions simultaneously allowed by STOCHASTIC.
  • AUTO_LOT - Automatically calculates the amount of lot for PARABOLIC and STOCHASTIC based on SL and RISK values according to the account balance.
  • VARIABLE_STOP_LOSS - automatic calculation of SL in accordance with the present value of Parabolic SAR but not exceeding the values specified for PARABOLIC_SL and STOCHASTIC_SL. Best when AUTO_LOT is set to (FIXED_LOT=false).
  • PREDEFINED_SETTINGS - a set of main input parameters (SAR_STEP, SAR_MAX, STOCH_K, STOCH_S and STOCH_THRESHOLD) for a few symbols. The SL and STOCH_LVL values are not modified, and only the recommended values are shown in the alert window, but they are also important. These settings were based on data collected from January of this year. They may not be appropriate for earlier or for short-term projects. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent starting point to create your own settings for trading in the short-term (more dynamic). The Expert Advisor displays all overridden values as well as additional information on the "Experts" tab. Included options for:
    • GOLD.m15 [XAUUSD]
    • OILBRENT.m15 [UKOIL]
    • USDJPY.m15
    • USDCAD.m15
  • PARABOLIC_LOT_LIMIT - Limit of the PARABOLIC_LOT value if AUTO_LOT is on. If LOT_PROGRESSION is enabled, the lot size does not exceed that of STOCHASTIC_LOT, and without LOT_PROGRESSION it will not exceed twice the value of STOCHASTIC_LOT.
    DTSL -- (Differential Trailing Stop Loss) hybrid trailing stop loss, and take profit. The DTSL_POINTS value defines an unintentional take profit level. If the price gets closer to that level, the closer the stop loss is. The explanation in graphs within the Discussion section.
The default settings for GOLD.m15 [XAUUSD]


  • A symbol that does not have any special characters within the name (problems with "PS" confirmed).
  • Recommended initial capital starting beginning at 1,000 USD (at minimum lot 0.01) and from 10000 USD (at minimum lot 0.1).

General parameters​

  • STOP_LOSS If true, traditional stop loss (recommend true).
  • SL_BREAKEVEN If it is true, the traditional technique of Stop Loss to Breakeven employed.
  • VARIABLE_STOP_LOSS If true, this module is used.
  • LOT_PROGRESSION If true, the mechanism LOT_PROGRESSION is used.
  • STOCHASTIC - if true it uses the Stochastic Oscillator (set it to true, I use false when calibrating the SAR).
  • STATIC_SAR - if true EA will compute the indicator for SAR based on the SAR_TF time frame.
  • FIXED_LOT - if true it uses a fixed value of LOT, otherwise it utilizes AUTO_LOT.
  • Risk - maximum risk in percent of the account balance.
  • BASE2ACC_RATIO - The average exchange rate of the margin currency symbol to the account currency (accuracy to 2 decimal places is enough).
  • SLIPPAGE Slippage that is standard in pips.
  • PREDEFINED_SETTINGS Select one of the preset settings (details above) If you do not set it to false.

Parameters PARABOLIC​

  • Magic_PARABOLIC The magic number for PARABOLIC deals.
  • PARABOLIC_LOT_LIMIT - if true this module is utilized.
  • TSL_P If a trailing stop to PARABOLIC trades is used.
  • PARABOLIC_LOT Size of the lot is fixed to facilitate PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_SL Stop loss in pips for PARABOLIC trades.
  • PARABOLIC_TSL - Size of Trailing Stops to PARABOLIC trades.
  • SAR_TF SAR timeframe (only when STATIC_SAR=true, 15 is recommended).
  • SAR_STEP Step ratio of SAR (for further calculations).
  • SAR_MAX Step ratio of maximum SAR (for additional calculations).

STOCHASTIC Parameters​

  • MAGIC_STOCHASTIC - The only magic number used for STOCHASTIC trade.
  • STOCHASTIC_LOT A fixed size lot to facilitate STOCHASTIC trade.
  • TSL_S - If true it utilizes Trailing Stop for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • DTSL_S If true, it uses DTSL to facilitate STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCHASTIC_SL Stop loss in pips to STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCHASTIC_TSL - Size of trailing stop for STOCHASTIC trades.
  • STOCH_K - Period %K for Stochastic Oscillator.
  • STOCH_S - deceleration value of the Stochastic Oscillator.
  • STOCH_THRESHOLD - used to determine the Stochastic Oscillator threshold (50 STOCH_THRESHOLD and 50-STOCH_THRESHOLD).
  • STOCH_LVL - maximum number of simultaneous open positions (only if STOCHASTIC=true and over 1).

Time Settings​

  • OPEN_FRAME_1 - when true, advisors use OPEN_FRAME settings. OPEN_FRAME refers to the length of time during which the EA can open orders.
  • OPEN_FRAME_1DB - OPEN_FRAME start day (1 = Monday).
  • OPEN_FRAME_1DE - OPEN_FRAME end day (5 = Friday).
  • OPEN_FRAME_1HB: start time of OPEN_FRAME.
  • OPEN_FRAME_1HE - end period of OPEN_FRAME.
  • OPEN_FRAME_2 - the same as OPEN_FRAME_1
  • CLOSE_FRAME - if true, advisor makes use of the CLOSE_FRAME settings. This is the period of time during which the Expert Advisor closes all positions.
  • CLOSE_FRAME_1D - date of start of CLOSE_FRAME.
I don't suggest using the CLOSE_FRAME setting when trading commodities.
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