Fx Karakurt Review Maringale EA

Fx Karakurt Review Maringale EA 1.7

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Fx Karakurt​

The work of the robot, is to increase the lot and their averaging, the main difference is the proportional trading. Because of this, the parameters of the Expert Advisor will not be overoptimized.
The Expert Advisor trades simultaneously in both directions, without an indicator. The most important information about the work is shown on the chart. The key rule is to optimize the EA correctly.
Buys and sells are optimized separately, to do this you must disable LONG TRADES OPEN or SHORT TRADES OPEN.
Start optimizing the Expert Advisor on the period where it can't pass, with a small margin, and be sure to enable Proportional lot, so the initial lot is constantly increasing, and the Expert Advisor does not pass difficult periods at the expense of the earned money.
Further on, you should look for the most difficult places for the advisor in the last year and optimize it exactly there, and not just over the whole year, but the initial TakeProfit should not be touched anymore, only the percentage should be optimized, and only if the optimization shows bad results, then it should be optimized too.


  • The normal orders- The normal orders. The profit at which they are closed is shown.
  • Zero orders- Hidden orders, no profit shown.
  • Increased orders - Plain orders, but a constant value is added to profits, orders are not closed by value (used for Rebound, Gap, New Day opening etc.).
  • Rnd orders - Plain orders, but random value is added to profits, orders by value are not closed (used to confuse the broker).
  • Additive Increased orders - Additive to Increased orders orders.
  • Additive Rnd orders - The range for random add from 0, to the set value.
  • Spread Max Zero orders - The size of the maximum spread, to open or close orders, only works if Zero orders are set.
  • Start Time - The start time of the advisor.
  • Micro - If the account is micro .
  • Do not close orders - Do not close orders now.
  • Close all orders-Close all orders
  • Close buy orders-Close only buy orders
  • Close sell orders-Close sell orders only.
  • Lot Start- Initial lot.
  • Max Trades - Maximum number of orders that the EA opens in each direction.
  • Slip - The difference from the requested price to open/close order from the market price.
  • Reset - Reset all counters (only in real trade).
  • MinTimeCloseOrdersZero - The minimum time in seconds for the trade (in some account types with restrictions) only if Zero orders are set.
  • Proportional lot no - No proportion.
  • Proportional lot long - The starting lot increases according to current balance, but is not decreased.
  • Proportional lot varying - The starting lot increases or decreases according to current balance.
  • Proportional lot standart - The starting lot increases only if the initial deposit is increased multiple, lot is not decreased.
  • Starting deposit- The starting deposit to count.
  • Lot step- The step between the starting order and the next order.
  • OFF NEWS SERIES ORDERS- When the series is closed, no new lot is opened.
  • Lot New- When the series is closed, this is the new starting lot.
  • NEWS ORDERS EQW - Placing a new lot by funds.
  • EQW - Funds where all orders are closed and a new starting lot is placed.
  • Lot New EQW - New initial lot.
  • LONG TRADES OPEN - Allowed Buy.
    • SHORT TRADES OPEN - Allowed Sell.
  • Lot Exponent - The lot multiplier for BUY.
  • Take Profit - The amount of profit.
  • Overall Stop - The amount of loss closure from the average price on all orders of one direction.
  • Step Exponent on-off - The step multiplier between the orders.
  • Start Step Exponent - From which order the step multiplier starts working.
  • Step Exponent - The step multiplier.
  • Step Profit on-off - Step multiplier for profit.
  • Step Exponent Profit - Step multiplier for profit.
  • Start Step Order Profit - From which order the profit multiplier starts working.
  • Step Profit /- Increase or decrease step for profit.
Alike for SELL.
  • Ban Order Candle - Prohibits placing more than one order on a candle.
  • Period 0-1-5-10-15-30-60...- On which candle multiple orders are prohibited.
  • Ban Order Money - The trade is closed if the funds in the account reach the specified amount.
  • Ban Money - The amount of funds to close the trade.

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