Expert Advisor Expert Advisor operates according to the grid principle of placing limit order both in the direction of trend and against the trend. The trend direction is determined based on the values of the traditional MACD indicator.
The MACD can be set to any of the time frames available in the MT4.
You can choose to make orders in line with the trend or against it.
The Expert Advisor has flexible settings that allow it to adjust trading to any instrument of trading and any trading conditions.

The signal was stopped by the service because of the volume of orders and was moved to an archive. The most recent information on the signal is on the screenshot.​


  • MaxRisk%- Maximum risk % for auto lot;
  • if MaxRisk = 0 Lot will be - If MaxRisk = 0 Then Lot will be
  • LotKoef - Multiplication factor for subsequent orders;
  • The distance from the first order on the grid- Distance in pips from the first limit order;
  • Step in the grid- Step between orders in pips
  • Orders on each grid - Number of orders in one direction
    Use MACD? Are the MACD indicators being used? In line with or against the trend - Do the orders seem to be trending, or going against the trend?
    • TF for MACD - Time frame for MACD indicator
    • Fast MACD - Averaging period for calculating the speed moving average
    • Slow MACD - Averaging period for calculating the slow moving average;
    • SignalMACD - Averaging period to calculate the signal line
    • $ Profit to close (if > 0) - Take profit in cash (if parameter is greater than zero)
    % Profit at the close (if greater than 0) Profit in percentage (if parameter is higher than zero);
    • Cost to Close (if > 0) - If loss in cash exceeds this amount, orders will be closed;
    Use the adviser's working time? Do I make use of my trading time?
    • The time of beginning of trade- The hour of commencement of trade;
    • Minute of beginning of trade- Minute of trade's start time;
    • Hour of the end of trade Minute at the end of trade
    • Minute of the close of trade
    Magic number to distinguish your orders.

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