Growth multiplier EA trending forex algo strategy

Growth multiplier EA trending forex algo strategy 2.0

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Exponential growth EA is an automated system that uses indicators. It's the product of hundreds of tests and thousands of money management strategies.


1. Spread and slippage are not affecting the integrity of this product
2. Minimum deposit 100 USD
3. Backtesting can bring long-term profit
10 people will be sold copies
The next price is 299 USD


Expert advisors use multiple indicators to identify trends and establish entry points. Using high-risk settings, the robot can gain 700x the money over the 14-year backtest. There are no drawdowns. As the expert advisor gains money a percentage of the profits are used to open trades and the other percentage used as a buffer, and as more money is gained the money in the account is multiplied less. If the starting account balance was 1000$, and profits increase 500% over the next three months, the profit will be 25% instead of 500%. This prevents losses from driving equity to zero.



When the live account will be set up in the next two week, link Posted here to myfxbook
EA Setup
  • The EA trades the eurousd and no other pairs
  • For a low starting amount, all risk parameters have been optimized
  • Use a VPS to insure minimum network delay
  • Required: 500-to-1 leverage
  • Timeframe: 15 M
  • Pairs: EUROUSD
  • Account type: Hedging

Setting the input settings​

The expert advisor i ncreases the lot size when the account balance reachs new altime highs and not reducing lot size during draw downs.
Risk Parameters
  • Minimum deposit: 1500$ higher deposit
  • Lower deposit: 100$ minimum deposit
Minimum volume - .01
Note: Hello reader you may question buying EA's for the following reasons:
1. The potential manipulation of back test results
2. Comparing the results of the back-test to trading on a real account
3. The reason the product is being sold.
Verify the accuracy of the real tick backtest using duckacopy ticks and either connect the expert advisor to a demo account or use 100$ in a live account. My goal is to increase the profits and exponential growth of a live account to a million over five to ten years which is not achievable with the current amount of money I have to invest, so all funds raised buying the system will be added to the account. Profit sharing is my goal. I expect to see the first publicly published trading robot succeed. Without transparency, neither I nor you would be able to trust this system.
I sell my Expert Advisors only on My products are not for sale on any third-party websites. They may be fakes.
Risk Warning:
Do not take on the risk of losing money if you do not want to. The past results are not indicative of future performance. Every action is subject to inherent risk.
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