The GS Hero trading algorithm is like the top Expert Advisors available on the Market.
What makes GS Hero unique is the author's criteria for entering the market, the ability to close trades with the maximum profit (in TakeMaximumProfit=true mode TargetProfit parameter sets only the required minimum profit) and trading intensity: 4 orders per day and 75% with profit.
GS Hero trades on the Heiken Ashi indicator in the direction of the trend. orders are filtered by RSI and MACD indicators.
Work on any USD account using leverage of 1:500.
With no martingale and deposit of 500USD. Martingale withdeposit of 1000USD.
Real Time Trading Results:
It is set to function on the pair EURUSD timeframe M15 fully prepared to work with the default settings and does not require additional .SET files.
It can be played without (Use Martingale = NO) or with (Use Martingale = Low, Medium High, Medium).
The StopLoss and TakeProfit values are set for all orders in accordance with the parameters defined.
Test with a deposit of 1000USD for 2018-2019:
AutoLot High without martingale Percentage of profitable trades =75 percent, DD=20% Profit=7890USD (39 percent per month)
AutoLot High with Martingale Percentage of profitable trades = 71%, DD=89%, Profit = 296294USD (1480% per month)
In accordance with the set-up of the final day = Friday the advisor finishes trades on Fridays, so it is convenient to review the outcomes of the week, and manage the account at the weekend.


  • Magic number = 23789 must be unique for each chart
  • Start Lots = 0.01 - initial lot size
  • Use martigale = Medium - using martingale, possible values: No, Low, Medium, High
  • AutoLot = false - calculation of the starting lot on the basis of the Deposit and the Risk Level AutoLot
  • Risk Level AutoLot = Medium - possible values Low, Medium, High
  • The number of steps needed to increase the lot equals 7 - limits the increase in the lot by the number of steps specified.
  • Maximum order equals 12 - the maximum number of open orders
  • Min distance between orders Ashi (points) = 45 - interval between the orders Ashi
  • Min distance between the grid of orders (points) = 100 - interval between the grids
  • Profit target (points) = 90 + profit target
  • Annual profits (points) equals 10 times the interval between orders to target profit
  • Take Maximum Profit = true - method of closing the transaction at the highest possible profit
  • Order Stop Loss ( points)= 0 - StopLoss of the current order
  • Orders Take Profit ( points)= 200 - TakeProfit of the current order
  • The final day is Friday - final day of transactions
  • Start Time is "00:00" - start time (Local Time)
  • Time = "23:59" - End Time = "23:59" - time of closing (Local Time)
  • "Order Comment" =" " - your order comment is 10 symbols
  • Display information = true - display table of input parameters
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