Illusion The Expert Advisor employs the theory of probabilities - after a string of continuous virtual losses - i.e. only during the flat timeframe, the Expert Advisor starts trading already in the direction of the trend. In addition, the Expert Advisor is able to take into consideration the ratio of bearish and bullish candlesticks on higher timeframes to determine the most probable direction of price movements.
Only one order is open at a time. If there is a loss, the next order will be placed with a larger amount (multiplier is set in the setting).
The simultaneous use of multiple charts of different trading instruments or different timeframes of the same currency pair is allowed. If a trader would like to trade on the same trading instrument, but on different timeframes, in the settings of the Expert Advisor the trader should set distinct Magic numbers for each chart. Simply put - modify the Magic numbers for each chart.
The Expert Advisor is set up as a default option to use the currency pair EURUSD M30.
The minimum deposit recommended to begin work is 1000 for the initial lot 0.01.
The main external parameters affecting the Profit factor:
  • Number of continuous losing orders The greater the amount, the more precise the entry;
  • Take Profit for shorter timeframes, it is recommended to reduce the timeframe to a minimum, for more extensive ones increased;
  • Stop Loss - as well as for Take Profit.
To avoid committing mistakes while trading on cent accounts To avoid a mistake when trading on the cent accounts, the Expert Advisor cannot automatically adjust for the 4 and 5-figure quote flow. Therefore, for 4-digit quotes stream the Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters should be divided by 10. For instance the default Take Profit is 750 points (for 5-digit quotes). For 4-digit quotes, you need to divide 750 by 10 = 75. The 75th figure must be entered in the Take Profit line.
For a quote stream that has 5 numbers this method is not necessary.


  • Count virtual trades that are real The number of virtual transactions in a row
  • Trading Start Lot - the starting trading lot;
  • Multiplier- The multiplier for the order if the previous order closed with a loss
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss
  • Magic Number- The magic number that differentiates your orders from the orders of others.
  • ShowInfoPanel to display or not Show InfoPanel
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