The KT Currency Strength Meter measures the individual currencies' strength and weakness using an aggregated mathematical formula that covers the major FX pairs.
The strength is calculated using the bullish and bearish candles over a fixed period. After filling in the strength data the algorithm determines the strongest and weakest currencies on a stack and changes their orders according to the most current data available in real-time.


  • Improve your trading strategy instantly by removing the signals that suggest buying weak currency in exchange for a stronger currency and vice versa.
  • It helps in preventing accidental hedges and over-trading.
  • Avoid the high-risk countertrend trades, i.e., never buy the weakest currency to the strongest and vice versa.
  • It assists in removing trades that cancel out each one.
  • The Currency Meter is updated in real-time using the most current data.
  • It's a lightly coded indicator that consumes a minimum of CPU resources, without putting an unnecessary strain on your computer so that other strategies and deployed indicators are not affected.
  • A distinct color is assigned to each currency, which allows you to differentiate and identify each one of them quickly.
  • Simple and straightforward input parameters with no complicated setting.

Pro Tip​

  • As the data is pulled from the current time frame be sure to not use it on lower time-frames which can cause irregular and frequent fluctuations in data.
  • Do not rely too much during high-impact news since the most important thing always comes first before the technical analysis.
  • It is ideal to use it as a confirmation rather than using it for the primary signal generation.
  • Looking to integrate the correlation analysis with the strength indicator? Consider getting our top currency strength indicator and correlation indicator since it has an advanced strength calculation and an inverse matrix.
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