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I've been using this EA for nearly 4 months now I can confidently say that this is among the most effective night scalping EA. Cost-effective and profitable , I purchased it this last Black Friday sale! It's definitely worth it! I must leave 5 stars! The author is extremely professional and helpful as well. Thanks Valeria and to NHP community.
After trying out a variety of EA over the years, I finally have an EA that is closest to the elusive 'Holy grail system. I'm a person who can't trade manually well enough to make a significant profit. I typically fall in the 75-90 percent of traders who loses instead. I'm emotional, impatient switching between strategies which could have resulted in me losing my health and my sanity. With this EA all the weaknesses I had has been addressed. Be warned though do not set the EA to an excessive number of lots, especially when trading over the weekend as you never know when Monday morning will open and what price gaps that will cause you to fall (market crash, war etc.) To prevent this, it is best to avoid trading on Fridays. The EA even includes this filter to turn off Friday trades, as well as various other filters (triple swap holidays, days MPR, holidays, etc.) The author is professional and responsive to the EA's telegram. Very much recommended. Thanks to this EA (and trading with it since the 21st of September') I'm on my way to recouping the losses and costs I had incurred in the past with other systems. Don't be tempted to look elsewhere (other EA) like I did prior to acquiring this EA. During this period of volatility due to war, it is best to avoid turning on the EA until a 'quiet market' occurs near the end of US session (tiny 1HR candles).
I been using for less than 2 weeks. Very good EA. Had no losers so far. I already paid for EA in profits. Note that I'm not using a small account. The developer is fantastic and will assist you whenever you need it.
this is a good EA Thank you!
I had a lot to do and really wanted to start trading but then i bought the EA and the game change. I can only see profit now. thank you Rimil for this brilliant work. I highly recommend this EA because it's worth the price. you'll earn back the money you use to buy it just in a few
Very good robot to look at over the long haul.
I purchased the EA within a couple of days. It seems to function very well. Good EA I highly recommend!
I have been running GOLD EAgle for three M1.M15.H1 timeframes and I have daily profit in M1. This is my top EA Thank you to the infinity group for that work
Thanks Ramil for the amazing EA!
Great Ea, love Fibonacci. Thank you for your support.
too Risky!! It doesn't hedge well and is unable to adapt to the trend reverse. Try it out in demo for a while before opening a real account
Very good Ea, but for risk lovers
Seems good. Would recommend it.
A good EA so far and excellent support from Evgenii
2nd EA I purchased from the author. Good stuff
Ramil is more than helpful. He continues to offer support via telegram channel as well as update set files making all his EAs among the top in the market.
Hello, I purchased this expert and am currently testing different setting for it.I think it can be reliable, thank you.
One of the most inexpensive EA It is a excellent EA that can bring very nice profit to your account! I recommend it 100%