PipSense Master is an Expert Advisor which employs an exclusive analysis strategy for trend following. It is a low risk Expert Advisor that works well and minimizes the risk if you allow it to run on multiple charts of different pairs of up six pairs simultaneously. It is best to use low volatility pairs.


  • TargetPercent - Target the profit of equity in the account in percentage of the balance in the account. If it reaches the target, it will close any trades that are open.
  • MM (Money Management) - This is used to divide the Balance of the Account then multiply it by BaseLotsize. Use default.
  • Base Lotsize - The multiplier of the lotsize after calculating the Money Management parameter. Use default.
  • Take Profit in Pips- If you want to set an additional take profit in lieu of the EA analysis-based take profit, set the value here.
  • Stop Loss in Pips- Put an amount of stop-loss in pips here to safeguard your investment.
  • Trail Stop Loss of Points Trail stop to safeguard the profit.
  • Certain Profits on Trail Stop in PointsInsures profit in points once Trail Stop is activated.
  • Margin Level Limit %- Margin Level % must be above this value to open a trade.
  • CloseOnTrendChange - Determine the closing of trades based on analysis to maximize profits.
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