Review Dark Titan currency market trading

Review Dark Titan currency market trading 1.0

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Dark Titanis a fully automated Expert Advisor for scalingTrading. This Expert Advisor needs attention, and in fact, has a high High Operating Frequency. Dark Titan is based on dark inversion indicator, these trades can be handled by employing a few strategies. The expert advisor is in a position to achieve a high rate of winning trades.
My tests were conducted using the real tick date with 99,90% accuracy, the actual spread, additional slippage and High commission.
All the settings are external to allow everyone can set the robot as they want.
The fundamental strategy begins with Market order in counter-trend.
Installation and Update Guide - Troubleshooting Guide - FAQ - Version MT5


  • The Recommended Timeframe is M1 .
  • The Expert is programmed to work with AUDCAD, AUDNZD, the following platforms: AUDCAD, NZDCAD and NZDCAD.
  • An Ecnbroker is always recommended
  • A very low latency vps A low latency vpsis always recommended.
  • The recommended Leverage is 1:30 or more.
  • The maximum recommended capital amount is 2000 or more.
  • Not use Variable Spread for Backtest This kind of spread is not suitable with these pair. Put a value from 20 to 30
  • Understand how the EA works by studying the > offline user manual, the offline user manual as well as the sample set of files
If you buy one Expert Advisor you can write a feedback at the market and receive a second Expert Advisor for free For more information, contact me


Dark Titan Settings
  • Magic Number: The ID number of the orders.
  • Max Spread: maximum spread for trading.
  • Max Average Spread: Maximum Average Spread to trade (today)
Money Management Settings
  • Money Management: if true enables the money management option.
  • Risk Factor: if the money management option is turned on, it will show the risk ratio.
  • Lots Number of lots when the money management option is disabled.
Trading Directions
  • Allow Buy: If true, Ea can trade with buy orders.
  • Allow Sell: if is true, Ea can trade with sell orders.
  • Max Number of Orders: Max number of orders simultaneously
  • Maximum one trade for any bar If true, a robot can only open one trade for bar.
  • Enable Fifo Mode: if the setting is true, EA is fifo-compliant (Disable the following setting as well to accomplish this)
  • Open Sell and Buy at simultaneously allow buy and sell orders to be placed at the same time
Take and Stop Loss
  • Take Target: Average take profit for orders
  • Close on Open Price: Close on take target only at the next open bar The bar will be open for business on the next day.
  • Allow Monetary Stop Loss. Enable stop loss on money amounts
  • Money Stop Loss Amount The amount of loss
  • If true, multiply the Money Stop Loss Value*Start Size*100 Multiplying the amount of loss dependent on the size of the lot
  • Stop EA after loss: Stop trading once you've hitting the stop loss
  • Grid Management: Select the what kind of lot increase you would like to see.
  • Multiplier Martingale multiplier (or lot sum increase)
  • Distance for next orders: Distance for next orders
  • Maximum 1 grid for bar orders: if true, ea is able to open a maximum 1 grid order at any bar
  • Bar for New Grid Order: timeframe about this bar (read the previous setting)
Graphic Settings
  • Custom Comment: Comments in the order
For any other queries, set files or support to the EA, you can reach me via email..

Beware: You won't be rich tomorrow using this EA Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. (EA may also lose money.)
You have to be cautious and use a low risk.
Remember that you are not able to receive a refund after downloading the EA
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Good EA! thank you!
Running live for 1 month
Very excellent ea m1 on audcad's low dd. Thx
Good EA Marco, Thanks!
Hello. About a year ago, I started exploring EA Dark Venus and Dark Moon and even with standard settings, they proved to be profitable. They earned me the money on Dark Titan - 2 weeks of testing have shown a profitable profit and a good return on the deposit. Can I get Dark Gold as a gift?
It's great! I tried it on a the demo account as backtest and it was successful. ALso tried dark venus which is a free program that worked amazing but wanted to give dark titan a go on a demo
I tried a demo account over the past 2 week the result was excellent and with low DD using the set file provided by the author in 3 recommended pairs in 1 min TF..will test on a live account in the near future and review the results as well.
I'm currently trying it out.
I accidentally purchased this on MT5 as I've traded before on different platforms. I decided to test Metatrader... I used MT5 to trade on an account demo and it worked flawlessly. needed to be added to my account live!