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Strategies for trading: Scalping at night.
The Expert Advisor HTML1is built on a sophisticated trading system that operates at night. The principle behind the method is that the Expert Advisor identifies quiet moments on the chart by using complicated mathematical calculations, and if there are good moments to enter the market the EA is able to open orders that are pending.

The EA utilizes complex algorithms to detect Trend and Flat conditions on charts.

The EA automatically adjusts GMT for each broker (not for the Strategy Tester).
The EA uses the pending order system BuyStop and SellStop.
Trading is conducted on the M5 timeframe.
The EA does not use Martingale, Grid or other strategies with increasing lots.
The Expert Advisor was created using the history of quotes of based on actual ticks.
Real Monitoring:
Version of MetaTrader 5: link
Requirements and Recommendations
  • Low spread.
  • Advisor should be connected to only one chart (any of the working pairs and any timeframe) All trading on all pairs is performed from only one chart!
  • The recommended minimum balance for Expert Advisor (when used on the recommended pairs and timeframes) is 100 dollars.
  • A leverage of 1:100 or more is recommended.
  • The PC processor should not be overloaded by other Expert Advisors or programs (otherwise the Expert Advisor may not manage all the ticks, which is harmful to the Expert Advisor).
  • Broker with 5-digit and 3-digit quotes.
  • VPS.
  • If you are using more than one EAs in one account, make sure that all EAs are different Magic numbers.
  • To allow the EA to function, you must open "Tools" > "Settings" > "EAs". Check the "Allow WebRequest for the following URLs:" box. Add the following: , and click "OK".
For Strategy Tester:
  • Testing is recommended:
    • Modeling ticks:
      • Control Points (based on the nearest smaller timeframe).


  10. EURAUD
  11. EURCAD
  12. EURGBP
  13. EURJPY
  14. GBPCHF
  15. NZDUSD
  16. GBPNZD
  17. EURCHF
  18. AUDCAD
  19. NZDCAD
  20. NZDCHF
  21. NZDJPY
  22. CHFJPY
  23. CADJPY
  24. CADCHF
  25. AUDNZD
  26. EURNZD
  27. AUDJPY
  28. AUDCHF
  • EURUSD- the currency used in real;
  • ...
  • Magic_Start / Magic_Finish - Trade ID;
  • Symbols_Prefix(Suffix)_Name - enter ONLY prefix (suffix) if broker uses it in symbol name (for example: "m."(".m") if the name of the pair is "m.EURUSD"("EURUSD.m"));
  • Use several Symbols or Timeframes simultaneously in trading - setting for simultaneous use of the various currencies and timeframes.
      • OFF / TF_For_All_Symbols / TF_For_Each_Symbol_Separately / Work_Symbols_at_one_Time.
    • Numeric Timeframes or symbols - number of timeframes or currencies.
  • Custom_Risk - If true the lot size increases as the account balance grows (risk management);
    • User_Balance - Custom Balance;
    • Add_to_User_Balance% - Add for User's Balance for a smooth transition into a new lot.
    • Lot_on_every Lot size for each - User_Balance.
  • Fixed_Lot - constant lot;
  • Order CommentOrder comments;
  • Slippage- slippage prior to order triggering;
  • Show_Info_Panel - info panel (false - fast backtest);
  • Show_additional_panel - additional panel, only for backtest;
  • The spread is adapted to stop loss - adaptation of the stop loss to the spread;
  • Max Spread - max spread;
  • Stop trade is a method of preventing trading for a specified period (from 1 minute to 24 hours) if the average spread is greater than Max_Spread;
  • http / https - protocol for news;
Trading within week:
  • Monday-trading on Monday;
  • ...
  • Friday
Trading within day:
  • Use time If it is true, trade on time
  • GMT Mode - manual setting
  • Every_Day_Start/End Time (hh:mm);
  • Use time in real-time trade, the trade takes place on time.
  • Disable_in_Friday - time of Friday's close (hh:mm).
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