Review - GOLD Scalper PRO MT4 - forex scalping expert advisor free download

Review - GOLD Scalper PRO MT4 - forex scalping expert advisor free download 1.5

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NOTE:GOLD Scalper PRO Current price is $139 (The next price will be $269) The offer is for limited period of time!
GOLD Scalper PRO signal account: GOLD Scalper PRO is a fully automated trading system which removes a lot of the hassle out of trading, leaving you free to take on other tasks!
Don't be deceived by the price that is low - GOLD Scalper Pro is a very effective and profitable strategy for trading specifically designed for trading GOLD (XAUUSD).
I have utilized the most proven trading principle since the markets exist - specifically, a position-taking move that is in line with a distinct market impulse and a following correction. This strategy has been proved to be a rock solid for as long as markets exist and it has been widely exploited by the "Smart Money" traders. I am aware of this since I have been using this pattern of trading for over 15 years in a different manner in a variety of trading platforms and it just doesn't fail.
GOLD Scalper Pro is not an ordinary curve-fitting system that has a hundred parameters. In fact, the trading logic is so strong and reliable, so it requires only a few parameters to make it profitable.

GOLD Scalper Pro is not a grid, martingale, or other risky strategy - it is a traditional trading strategy, as taught in a textbook, that uses reasonable Stop Loss levels and an effective entry and exit trading logic.

There's an MT5 version too! Click here to see it!

Here are the key characteristics that are what make GOLD Scalper Pro a very good trading system:​

  • Simple, simple and strong trading logic
  • Highly efficient exit algorithm. Highly effective exit
  • 24/7 trading, no time limitations - no GMT shift hassles
  • Reasonable SL and TP levels - with an optional ATR-based algorithm
  • Low drawdown
  • Solid 14-year backtest performance
  • In addition, I've performed 99.9 100% quality Real Tick and Real Spread backtests, which prove that GOLD Scalper Pro is profitable under real market conditions.

In addition, as Scalper Pro, is equipped with many PRO features such as:​

  • Advanced News Filter
  • Stealth mode
  • Advanced Time Management System
  • Push Notification system and email
  • Friday Exit System

Instructions and recommendations:​

  • Please, test the GOLD Scalper Pro on a demo account to get familiar with all features and settings! The lot size can differ between brokers (normally it is 100 ounces for each lot) and it is very important to ensure that AutoMM determines the correct lot size, which should be around 0.1 lot (10 ounces) with a $10k account size, and AutoMM=1. In turn, there are 0.01 lots that have AutoMM=1 to account size $1000. For reference AutoMM=5 should be used to open 0.05 lots on the $1000 balance.
  • Make sure that your broker's spread under normal conditions does not exceed 400 pips (40 cents) in the currency XAUUSD (GOLD/USD)! You can use Auto MM=2% (low risk) up to 10% (high risk), according to the significance of your account and your risk and profit expectations.Reasonable fixed Lot size is 0.05 on 1k account balance, or 0.5 lots on 10k account balance.

You can run the EA on M1 or M15 chart - it's no difference to the EA since all time-frames are hard-coded.

You can test and optimize the EA on the M1 chart using the "open price only" method. This will be correct enough and you will save a lot of time.

Finally, please, bear in mind that the Holy Grail in trading does not exist! Even the best trading system experiences some bad periods. GOLD Scalper PRO uses extremely reasonable SL levels so they can get hit /even repeatedly/ in poor market conditions. Please, don't leave negative feedback after every SL hit, or losing trades!

GOLD Scalper PRO Settings​

  • FixedLots
  • AutoMM
  • Magic
  • EA_Coment
  • MaxSpread
  • Slippage
  • StealthMode
  • CloseOnlyOnProfit
  • ....
For more information and COMPLETE LIST OF SETTINGS click here to go to the blog!
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Latest reviews

Just bought this EA and am about to start testing it.
Update 2 June: As of now, I am very pleased with this EA. It does not trade too often, but drawdown is absolutely low, and all open trades were successfully closed. Also, entry and exit points are more or less identical in demo and in real account. Be careful and stick to conservative lot settings. I am really surprised that this EA does not have more reviews and feedback... Will update again in the next month...
I just purchased this EA today and have installed it already ,,,ill wait until tomorrow to see the results ,,i hope it earns me money.
it is a good EA.
This EA did great on my account. 8% growth in less than a month at 44% MM.
Backtesting is great and I am planning to move to real account. I am extremely happy about it.
Excellent ea.