Review Trinity Trend fx algo

Review Trinity Trend fx algo 1.1

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The "Trinity Trend" Expert Advisor allows trades to be opened by trend using the M15 timeframe for GBP/USD, USD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF. You can use EUR/USD and USD/CAD. The existence of a trend is established by the steady price change over the last 3 days. Then rebound analysis is performed with a variety of indicators and entering the market by trend when MA 34 is broken (examples are shown in the images).
Stop loss = 5000, and take profit equal to 20 settings were used during the test. Semi-automatic mode of trading gives the most efficient results. Based on the current settings, trading is carried out with no stop loss, and the trader can make profits. The recommended trading hours are 5 am to 1pm GMT and it is recommended to close trades yourself in positive delta between 2 pm to 3 pm and avoid trading on nonfarm days. Payrolls and Interest Rates. The Expert Advisor can open a counter-trend position by opening a lock in the event that the price crosses MA 288. The Expert Advisor will not begin new trades until the lock is opened in manual mode. The Expert Advisor will not allow trades to be opened on Monday.

Input parameters​

  • stop loss - stop loss order;
  • Take profit - profit order;
  • lots - size of lot per order
  • countertrend opening counter trend positions (true no, false - no);
  • opening of trading hours - the first time of the opening of potential trading positions for the Expert Advisor
  • closing of trading hours - the closing time for opening positions that could be opened by the Expert Advisor
  • Type time - type time;
  • magic number - "magic" number to determine its orders.
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