EA designed to make profit in the changing market conditions. Close stop loss and trailing stop is part of the strategy to ensure that trades are secure. Algorithm generates signals to begin trading during high volatility.


  • No risky strategies (Martin, Averaging ets)
  • Very close stop loss
  • Instant trailing stop
  • Only pending orders
  • Option for fixed lot or automated lot resize
  • Tested with all history available


  • Lot_type - Dropdown menu allows to select between fixed lot size and lots that are automatically sized
  • Fixed Lot Size - Option to manually input lot size
  • Deposit load, percentage Used to calculate the size of the lot in auto mode
  • Distance to Pending order Dropdown menu allows you to choose between User input and auto calculation
  • Distance to Pending order, Points - Option to manually input distance
  • Signal trigger Signal trigger Parametr responsible for creating trade signal (recommended leave default for EUR/USD pair)
  • Spread filter, points - Filtering signals if actual spread is greater than this value
  • Magic number - Magic number
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