We strongly recommend that you run the program on EURUSD H1.
Linear Regression Trader utilizes the mathematical linear regression model to smooth price fluctuations and determine the exact direction of price.
It is particularly effective on reversals of market trends such as triangles, rectangles, as well as other models similar to it.
Uses the matrix libraries included within the EA file.

Work Principle:

  1. Find the angle ratio for straight lines in the long period N
  2. Determine the angle ratio for the small period N.
  3. If the ratios show different signs look for the reversal shortly and then take a position in the direction of the line with the small
  4. Currently you can set a Stop Loss and Profit.
We must note that Stop Losses are calculated from the minimum (maximum) of the prior bar as well as Bid(Ask) of the bar currently in play! Take Profit is based upon the price of the bar at the time of opening.
Positions are closed either on Stop Loss or when the trend reverses, and then the reverse order is open.
Only 1 position can be open at any one time.

Input parameters:​

  1. Large period of regression Large period for linear regression
  2. Small period to be used for regression Small time for linear regression
  3. Lot- The lot is fixed. It is recommended to increase the amount of lot as the deposit grows
  4. Stop Loss in pips (see warning above)
  5. Take Profit in pip
  6. Tangent Line coefficient for Large Period - The angular line coefficient for the large period in which the position is opened
  7. Tangent Line coefficient for small period The angular line coefficient for the short period in where the line is opened (see logic in description).
    Magic Number The magic numberthat which is the identifier of a specific Expert Advisor launched on the terminal. By default, it's 10. If you run multiple robots on the same terminal, make use of specific magic numbers.

Currency and timeframe:​

We strongly suggest you to run the bot on EURUSD H1.
With caution, you may try the same technique on different charts, after trying it with historical data.


The Take Profit and Stop Loss values above apply to four-digit quotes (i.e. 1.1520). If applied to an account with five-digit quotes (1.15205), the parameters must be increased by 10 times.
If you have any questions, you can contact the author directly.
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