eaVeryActive is an Expert Advisor (robot) for any financial instrument that is available on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
All input parameters were optimized and used on EURUSD, M15. Of course the parameters are able to be adjusted for any timeframes and currency pairs. The most important input parameters are a and b and d, e, the f, g and h, which can be any numbers from 1 to 9. These are the input parameters (numerical coefficients) of the single-layer neural network.
The robot can open the positions defined in the input parameter maxPosition however, it will not open more than the broker will allow.
All new positions will be displayed as a grid by following the steps specified in GridStep.
If you'd like, you can set an end-of-day stop loss ( useSL = true) for all positions. The stop loss will move after the price (if the price changes in a positive direction) for each candlestick that is created.
If the robot handles more than one order it will compute an average take profit and adjust all short and long positions (separately).
The robot could be time based with the parameters that are input to it. BegHour (hour of trade beginning) along with BegMinutes (minute of trade start) and EndHour (hour of trade's conclusion) along with EndMinutes (minute of trade's end).
This EA comes with a money management system ( UseMM = true). In this case, it calculates the percent ( PercentMM input) as a function of the amount of money that is free within the account.

Input parameters​

  • maxPositions = 5, - maximum number of simultaneous open buy and sell positions (separately)
  • GridStep = 15; - difference in Pips between two consecutive orders (same type).
  • Buys = true. allow long positions
  • Sells = true; allow short positions
  • A ... h - input parameters (weights) of the neural network. The values range between 1 and 9. Use them to help the Expert Advisor to be trained on historical data.
  • TP_Buy = 500; take profits for all long positions
  • The TP_Sel value is 500; - profit value for all short positions
  • BegHour = 10; - start of the robot hour
  • BegMinutes = 15; minutes (refers to the start time - BegHour) The time at which the robot will be able to start
  • EndHour = 17; - Robot end hour
  • EndMinutes = 30 the robot will cease working
  • UseMM = false; if true, the amount will be calculated by the system for managing money.
  • PercentMM = 5; if UseMM = true the Expert Advisor will use the percentage of the account freedom to determine the size of the lot
  • Lots equal 0.01; the size of the lot if UseMM is false
  • MagicNum - the only magic number for every position of this robot
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