Shadow Bot is mainly designed to trade on the EURSGD H1 timeframe on an ECN broker with a low spread EURSGD ECN broker. It trades mainly during the Asian session. It primarily waits for a trade opportunity that is valid before executing the trade orders. When it has a good opportunity it will then execute the order and continue to handle the order. There is no martingale/grid/averaging/hedging used for this particular strategy. Stoploss is specified for every single trade to limit the risk. The default setting is mostly to create an overall low risk drawdown portfolio and is pre-adjusted with the goal of capital preservation in mind. The bot ai algo is fully automated. You can alter the risk you wish to suit your risk appetite.
Drag and drop the EA and then connect the EA to your EURSGD H1 chart. If you're using this bot in conjunction with other EAs ensure that the magic numbers for each bot differ.
  • Symbol: EURSGD
  • Time Frame: H1
  • Brokers: Low spread EURSGD ECN Broker
  • Commissions:Standard $5-$7 round turn is acceptable.
  • Minimum Deposit: $3000
  • Stops at a levellower or greater than 2 pips
  • Fast VPS


  • UseMM: Enable or Disable Risk Management
  • RiskPercent: Risk Value (low risk 5 to 10 Medium risk 50 high risk >100)
  • Lots This number will be used to calculate the default fixed lotsize calculation if UseMM is set to false
  • MaxLots: Maximum Allowable Lotsize
  • Slippage:Slippage value
  • Enable Trailing: Enable or Disable the Trailing Stops function
  • TrailingStop indicates the number of pips required to start the trailing function.
  • TrailingInterval: Indicates how frequently the trailing Stops will be changed. Set it to default
  • MaxSpread: Maximum Spread that can be allowed for trading
  • GMT Offset:GMT Offset (in hours) Maintain the value at "0"
  • Start_Hour Start Time for EA to start trading
  • Start_Min: Starting Minute for EA to begin trading
  • End-Hour: The time at which the EA to cease trading
  • End_Min: Ending Minute to allow the EA to cease trading
  • Trade_Last_Week_Of_The_Year: Toggles trading on the last week of the year
  • Trade_First_Week_Of_The_Year: Toggles trading on the first week of the year
  • TakeProfit: TakeProfit level in pip
  • Stoploss Level of Stoploss in pip
  • Magic: Magic Number
  • FastBackTest: Enable or Disable Fast BackTesting
  • ShowInfo: Enable or Disable Information Panel
  • Comment_Message: Trade Comment
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