Ultimate PROFIT is a fully automated trading system specifically designed to work on the Forex market. The trading robot can work on any currency pair and on any timeframe. The robot's operation is built on the analysis of indicators like moving average and relative strength index as well as Williams Percent Range. The Expert Advisor analyzes data of the indicators and can open an order pending for the trend or on the reversals (divergences).
The number of market entries and risks are tightly controlled based on algorithms. The number of transactions is limited by the level of the margin that is free in percentage that is 1500% per default (in the input parameters the threshold is 1500.00). The volume of entering the market is determined by the amount of money available in the account and, if there are no deals, then on the balance of the account. The volume of transactions also depends on the risk level set in the input parameters (by default, the MaximumRisk is 0.005 and the volume is calculated in such that, if a transaction loses money the any loss that occurs from one transaction equals 0.5 percent of the account balance.
The volume of the transaction
also depends on the stop loss level. Stop Loss levels are calculated automatically for every trade based on the levels of resistance and support. All input parameters in the Expert Advisor are designed for accounts with 4 decimal places, however, these parameters are suitable for accounts with 5 decimal places, meaning that recalculations are performed automatically. For instance: TakeProfit =150, which is the TP level equals 150 pips for decimal places of 4, and the TP level is 1500 pip for 5 decimal places.
When you have placed an order that is pending, you can also remove the Stop Loss limit by altering the value of Trailing2 to true (by default Trailing2 = true) in the input parameters.
Closing trades is done both by TakeProfit level, and by the different algorithms within. When closing a trade according to algorithms the majority of the trade volume is closed , and the remainder of the trade is moved to Breakeven.

Input parameters​

  1. TakeProfit - the amount of profit making from the trade Magic
  2. TakeProfit1 - level of profit trading Magic and Magic2
  3. TakeProfit2 - the level of profit taking from the Magic1 trade
  4. TakeProfitMagicWPR fix level of profitability of a MagicWPR trade
  5. TakeProfitMagicRSI - level of profitability fixing a MagicRSI trade
  6. TakeProfitMagicWPR1 - level of profitability fixation of a MagicWPR1
  7. TakeProfitMagicRSI1- fix level of profit for MagicRSI1.
  8. Level of Profitability of TakeProfitMagicWPR2. fixation of MagicWPR2
  9. TakeProfitMagicRSI- level of profitability correction of MagicRSI2
  10. TakeProfitMagicWPR3is the level of profitability fixation in MagicWPR3
  11. TakeProfitMagicRSI3- the level of profitability fixation of MagicRSI3
  12. MagicWPR- the magic number (identifier) of the deal
  13. MagicRSI - magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  14. MagicWPR1- magic code (identifier) of the transaction
  15. MagicRSI1is the magic number (identifier) of transaction
  16. MagicWPR2- MagicWPR2- magic numbers (identifier) of the transaction
  17. MagicRSI2- the magic number (identifier) of the deal
  18. MagicWPR3 - magic number (identifier) of an agreement
  19. MagicRSI3 - the magic number (identifier) of the deal
  20. Magic magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  21. Magic1 is the magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  22. Magic2 is the magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  23. Magic3 - Magic3 is the magic number (identifier) of the transaction when a position is entered manually by an individual user (Magic3=0)
  24. Magic5: Magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  25. TrailingStop Distance in terms of points beginning price towards the profitability of the transaction, when it reaches the Trailing Stop for Trailing function triggers
  26. TrailingStep - stop-loss-level movement step if you are able to make money from the trade
  27. Slippage - slippage at points
  28. Level - the level of free margin in per cent (by default, 1500)
  29. MaximumRisk - level of risk associated with trading shares of the funds on the account (by default MaximumRisk=0.005, i.e. loss from a deal equals 0.5% of the balance)
  30. Trailing - simple trailing stop (the typical one in the terminal)
  31. Trailing1 - modified trailing stops, which is triggered when it is determined that the profitability of the trade has been achieved, but follows the market by the support and resistance levels
  32. Trailing2 - modification of position through stop loss removal

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