Strategy for MMMStochastic:
  • The robot is constantly using the Parabolic SAR indicator and performs calculations to determine the trend in the price. If it finds a bullish price it will send an order for purchase. If the indicator decides that the price is bearish, it will send a sell order.
  • The Expert Advisor doesn't make an order until the indicator determines a good trend.
  • As in all MMM products as in all MMM products, the Expert Advisor has capital protection programed in the event of negative market behavior. Protection includes the use of an underlying stop, in which the stop loss shifts over what the instrument's price is when the order is in profit. Additionally, you can set an amount of your account to make an order.

Incoming parameters​

  • Closes the order with a profit of any value over specified in currency:This parameter works the same way as the traditional take profit, but with the difference that here the value is specified in the currency of deposit typically USD. To disable it, enter 0 (zero).
  • Take Profit (order maximum profit):The traditional Take Profit. The value is in pips. Orders will be opened automatically with that amount of Take Profit. To turn off this setting, type 0 (zero).
  • Stop loss (loss limit): traditional stop loss. The value is in pips. Orders will open automatically with this value of stop loss. To disable this setting, enter the number 0 (zero).
  • Volume of trades:The volume of orders to trade on the current currency pair. This parameter is required.
  • Trailing stop loss:the traditional trailing stop. The value is expressed in pip. Orders will be opened automatically using this stop loss. To disable this setting, enter 0 (zero).
  • Maximum number of concurrent orders that can open os the symbol.Maximum number of simultaneous orders that are open on the current symbol. To turn off this setting, enter zero (zero).
  • Minimum equity percentage needed to permit opening new ordersminimum percent of equity to open new orders. and is used to protect capital.
  • Double the volume of trading (lots) if prior order is profitable. Ifset to true, the Expert Advisor will double the amount of subsequent orders following the closing of a profitable trade for the symbol currently in use. To disable this setting, enter false.
  • Parabolic SAR Stepthe stage of price increases - acceleration factor
  • Parabolic SAR Maximum:the highest value for a step;
  • Parabolic SAR Shift:the indicator shifts
  • Magic Number:the magic number used for advisor orders.
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