Scalper that analyzes the present price dynamic as it is different from the average. The deal is entered through waiting orders that are placed in the direction of the impulse in the observation of the fixed distance , and then the movement of the ordered order to the corrective direction. You can determine the number of orders that are pending placed according to the direction signal which are placed at an interval of LevelDist from one another and each order is made with a certain amount less than the previous one. When the candle that triggers the impulse is closed, the pending orders that are not activated are taken out, and the Expert Advisor awaits to see the next entry signal. The Expert Advisor can be used in any timeframe. Optimized to trade on the EUR USD / EUR currency pair. Before installing it on other currency pairs, it needs optimization of parameters. Expert Advisor has a built-in capability to increase the size of the lot following an unsuccessful trade to quickly recoup the loss. Expert Advisor has the ability to use both the dynamic and fixed lot sizes dependent on the amount of deposit that is calculated for every 100 units of the base currency. It is able to trade on smaller deposits starting at 50 base currency units (50 cents, or 50 cents for cent accounts) using the default settings. On each trade order, depending on the settings, there is always an open or floating (trailing) or fixed stop-loss. The Expert Advisor is protected from the extended spread which allows you to set the maximum amount of the spread to open the position. It's not recommended to use on high-risk currency pairs that have a deep correction, without a preliminary optimization and accounts with the spread of more than 20 pips.
  • DynamicLotTrade- Enables dynamic lot
  • Lot - Lot size. If dynamic lot is analyzed, then the worth of lot is calculated for each 100 units of the deposit
  • AfterLossLot_2x- Enabling the purpose of increasing the lot of the next order after the loss
  • Magic Unique code for the Expert Advisor to allow the possibility of use for different currency pairs
  • TakeProfitMaximum allowed profit amount in pips.
  • NoLossLevels- Level of trailing stop. (Parameter recommended to optimize)
  • LevelDist- Distance of pending order from the current price. (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • VolumePR- Moving average period to calculate the average range. (Parameter recommended to optimize)
  • MinVolBarMinimal amount of an impulse candle. The smaller this value, the more signals present on the inputs, the lower is their quality. (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • FactorC The depth of the signal candle correction. (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • OpenOrderCount -Number of pending orders placed on the candlestick signal
  • MaxSpread - Maximum allowed value of spread in pips
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