Ranger Pro is a fully automated expert adviser that detects and capitalizes on price action that is ranging and makes precise trades based on a variety of indicators, including RSI and Moving Averages while also utilizing price action to eliminate false signals. Ranger Pro can either be configured to stay clear of extreme trends, trade in the trend, or both. User settings can range from moderate to conservative to aggressive with the minimum balance for accounts of $400. Set files can be found in the Comments.
Ranger Pro is currently designed to work with the M15 timeframe..


  • The minimum deposit recommended is $400
  • Recommended pairs: EURUSD
  • Timeframes: M15
  • Utilize an ECN-broker that offers speedy order execution.
  • For reliable and hassle-free operation it is advised to make use of VPS.


  • High Extreme HTML0 High-Extreme RSI Extreme setting for Sell crosses.
  • Low_Extreme Low_Extreme RSI Extreme setting for Buy crosses.
  • Minimum_DistanceMinimal amount of distance between consecutive trades.
  • Require_Cross -Require RSI to cross over the Sell setting and cross over Buy setting to enter.
  • RSI_Period -Number of bars that RSI is calculated on.
  • EMA_Period --The amount of bars used to calculate the EMA.
  • EMA_Length EMA_Length The number of bars that are taken into consideration for trend slope calculations.
  • Trend_Slope -Coefficient for the steepness of the trend currently.
  • First_Trade_Profit -The amount of dollars per 0.01 to be aiming for profits on single trades.
  • Basket_Profit -The number of dollars per 0.01 to be aiming to earn a profit from the trades in a basket.
  • Minimum_Retrace_Pips -The minimum number of pips in the retrace that is required to enter.
  • Retrace_Length - The number of candles taken into account when measuring the length of Retrace.
  • Autolot_Balance The amount used per 0.01 lots.
  • Max_Slippage- The maximum amount of slippage.
  • Candle_Shift Candle_Shift The amount of candles that are taken into consideration to calculate the RSI_Trigger.
  • Max_Candles_Against - The number of candles that are not favorable in the Candle_Shift measurement.
  • Trade_1_Direction_at_a_Time - Avoid sells if buys are open and avoid buys if sells are open.
  • Martin_Add Martin_Add Use Martingale Add lots to the initial lot (0.04, 0.08, 0.12 and so on) -This increases DD but will also close baskets faster. (Default=False).
  • Add_Trend_TradesTake entries with the trend, if it is available (Default=False).
  • Trade_Only_with_Trend - Take entries only with the trend (Default=False).
  • Max_Candle_Entry_Pips - The largest candle allowed for entries.
  • Max_Number_of_Trades - Number of trades that are open for either sells or buys which are calculated separately. For instance, you could limit purchases but still accumulate sells if needed.
  • Lower_RSI_Trigger -The Indicator's travel must trigger an entry for purchases.
  • Higher_RSI_TriggerThe Indicator travel required to trigger an entry to sells.
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