Ultimate Action is a fully automated robot for trading that is able to trade on any currency pairs and on any timeframe, however, it is advised to use timeframes starting at M30 and up, since the effectiveness of the opening deal is enhanced with increasing timeframe. The work of the Expert Advisor is built on the analysis of the market with the help of indicators. The Expert Advisor does not need to alter the input parameters except for MaximumRisk, which is the risk of one trade. This parameter is able to be left as it is and you can set the risk level at your own discretion. The robot is able to be placed to multiple instruments at the same time. For this, open a necessary number of charts in the terminal and the Expert Advisor is added to each chart. The trading robot considers the total amount of transactions by using the term "level", which restricts the total amount of transactions based on the amount of free margin in the current account. The advisor opens only the pending orders since they are more reliable and qualitative in market analysis. Accounts can be with five decimal or four decimal places. The initial deposit can be any.
The volume of market entry and risks are strictly controlled by algorithms. The number of transactions is limited by the level of margin free in percent of 1500% as a default (in the input parameters level = 1500.00). The volume of entering the market depends on the amount of funds available in the account and, if there are no transactions, then it depends on the account balance. The volume of transactions also depend on the level of risks set within the input parameters (by default, the MaximumRisk is 0.005 which means that the amount is calculated in such in a way that if the transaction loses money the maximum loss from one transaction equals 0.5% of the balance.
The volume of the transaction
also depends on the stop-loss level. Stop Loss levels are calculated automatically for every trade based on the support and resistance levels. All input parameters in the Expert Advisor are made for accounts with 4 decimal places, however, these parameters are suitable for accounts with 5 decimal places meaning that recalculations are performed automatically. For example: TakeProfit =150, that is the TP level equals 150 pips for decimal places of 4, and TP level = 1500 pips for 5 decimal locations.
When you place an order that is pending You can also eliminate the Stop Loss level by changing the Trailing2 value to true (by default Trailing2 = false) in the input parameters.
Closing trades is done both by TakeProfit level, as well as by different internal algorithms. When closing a trade in accordance with algorithms half of the trade volume is closed and the remaining of the transaction is transferred to Breakeven.

Input parameters​

  1. TakeProfit - level of profitability fixing of Magic
  2. TakeProfit1 - level of profitability fixing Magic and Magic2
  3. TakeProfit2 - level at which it is profitable correction of Magic1
  4. Magic - the magic number (identifier) of the deal
  5. Magic1 - magic number (identifier) of the deal
  6. Magic2 - the magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  7. Magic3 - the magic number (identifier) of the transaction when the position is manually created by the user (Magic3=0)
  8. Magic5 - magic number (identifier) of the transaction
  9. TrailingStop - distance by points opening price that determines the the profitability of the transaction. Once it is reached, the trailing stop for the trailing function is activated.
  10. TrailingStep - stop-loss move step, if trade is profitable
  11. Slippage - slippage of points
  12. free margin level in percent (level equals 1500 in default)
  13. MaximumRisk - risk level in the trade in shares of the free funds on the account (by default MaximumRisk=0.005, i.e. the loss from the transaction is 0.5 percent of the balance in the account.
  14. Trailing - simple trailing stop (standard, which is on the terminal)
  15. Trailing1 is a modified trailing stop, which is activated when the profitability of the trade is reached, but moves behind the market at levels of support and resistance
  16. Trailing2 - alteration of the position through stop loss removal
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