This MQL expert advisor is only used in the up trend direction and for input position as well as output from trade is used to combine moving averages. For confirmation , the parabolic SAR.

- The trend is our friend:
Trend trading can be a simple method of covering any weaknesses in strategies by identifying the most prominent patterns in the market. There are two elements their way that they could use to increase their trading accounts, both of which can be easily identified by using freely available price charts. The first factor is the trend: locate the currency pairs and other instruments in a trend and trade only those pairs/instruments in the same direction as the trend. The second aspect is identifying good trade entry points within these trends.

How to spot trends:
You can find all kinds of complicated indicators that can let you know if there is an underlying trend. These indicators are typically based on moving averages, or other similar indicators. Determined the trend is very easy. Just ask your self - is this currency pair / instrument Higher than the previous one, or lower than what it used to be? That's the only thing you need.If it is trading higher, then there is an upwards trend and you should look for long trades. If it's trading lower, then it's a trend of downwards and you should be looking for short trades.
The most efficient way to identify trends on every chart you select is to make use of moving averages. A lot of other indicators in the field are built around moving averages, so why should you not utilize the basic indicator.

- Moving average
A moving average indicates an up trend if the price crosses above the moving average and the moving average alters its slope. Moving averages also confirm a down trend if the price crosses below the moving average , and the moving average changes its slope. It is important to keep in mind, that moving averages are lagging indicators meaning that it takes a while before the moving averages finally show that there has been a trend reversal.
There are other types of moving averages: simple moving average exponential moving average, for instance, a weighted average. The difference between these moving averages is the weighting of the current value.

- Parabolic SAR
The parabolic SAR is trend folling indicator used to detect reverses in the market price direction. It can be used as a an indicator of trailing stop loss. In a chart, the indicator will appear as a series of dots placed either over or below the price bars. A dot below the price is deemed to be an indication of bullishness. Conversely, a dot above the price can be used to show that the bears are at the helm and that the momentum is likely to remain downward. When the dots change they indicate that a possible shift in the direction of the price is udner way. As the price of a stock rises the dots will also rise, first slowly and then picking up speed and accelerating to keep up with the trend. The parabolic SAR begins to accelerate a bit as the trend develops and the dots eventually get caught up with the price. The parabolic SAR provides a variety of errors. This is the primary reason, why it is better to use parabolic SAR along with another indicator.

- MQL expert advisor description
Two moving averages, with the aid of the price action are used to determine the upward trend, which we want to trade. The trade's input is confirmed with parabolic SAR. The parabolic SAR can be at the same time used as a value for the trailling stop loss. Using high moving average period gives us the opportunity to stay inside of the main trend direction.

- One of the optimized parameters
currency pair: EUR/USD
trade period: H1
Fast moving average period: 100
slow moving average period slow moving average period of 150
Parabolic SAR Maximum: 0.2
Parabolic SAR Step: 0.0015
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