For traders who truly care about volume as a crucial vector data on Price Action, here is an exclusive idea & creation by Minions Labs: Volume Speed.
The indicator for Volume Speed shows you visually how long (in seconds or minutes, hours, you decide) the Volume took to reach the Average Volume of the past bars. This way you can be aware of "what is happening right in the present moment" with respect to the Volume in the current bar ..." and then take action according to your strategy, gaining more faith in the trades you make.
Simple concept, but powerful data. If you do trade through Expert Advisors Volume Speed will be "EA Friendly" and will reveal all 3 buffers that you can use the way you want.

Note: Volume Speed DOES NOT work on Forex or on any Broker that doesn't offer Volume information...


  1. Buffer #0: Bar Volume
  2. Buffer #2: Bar Average Volume
  3. Buffer #3: Seconds until Volume to the average level

If you'd like to be sure that Volume Speed is for you, then you can try the DEMO version free of charge here: Volume Speed DEMO
* Due to the new MQL5 policy, developers are not able to offer DEMO versions to the general public on this website.

Didn't Find a Feature You Need?​

There is no one product that is ideal for everyone. If you feel you require an additional feature in our product, just contact us. We love feedback!

Why the Price of USD 30,00?​

In the past, Metaquotes Marketplace allowed a lower price for their products. As low as USD 10,00...

The current minimum price of any item on the market is $30,000. Minions Labs Minions Labsbelieve in extremely low prices, but it is impossible to change it... So, the THING we can do is to offer this product to you FOREVER! How? We will give you * 1,000 activations* when you buy this product. This way, the product will be yours as it is a lifetimelicense! Does that sound fair? We hope it is...

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