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The MT5 forex EA is a scalping EA that is used to trade on the MetaTrader 5 platform. This EA is designed to scalp the market for small profits while minimizing risk. The EA uses a unique scalping strategy that has been optimized for the MT5 platform. The EA is easy to use and does not require any prior forex trading experience.


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Along with the understandable advantages of trading robots, I also encountered significant disadvantages:
  • In finance, past results do not guarantee future results. Robots are capable of performing very complex tasks, several at once, but any Forex bot is still incapable of creative thinking.
  • Unable to make decisions in different conditions from the standard ones. You test a trading robot for a certain period of time and it works well in a trending market - good. If the market becomes unstable or reverses in a certain range, the robot will make a loss. And we don't like losses, do we?
  • Robots can't replace a human mind. Indeed, calculations are better performed with automated trading software, but no program can replace human intuition.
  • The robot's lack of emotion is a plus. But it's also a disadvantage to some extent because the robot will not stop trading even when you have almost nothing left of your deposit.
My main conclusion is that not every robot, especially a free one, is equally useful.
But if you're smart about it, robots can be invaluable in trading, increasing your money significantly. (y)


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I worked in the Forex market for about two months and earned about $6,000. In the beginning it was hard for me to get used to work of such a category. But with time my new friends and mentors helped me. And thanks to these I was able to get used to working here and at the same time increase my income. And so in the first week I was able to earn
Only 300 $, for the second week I made 500 $, and for the third week 1300 $. Thank you, dear friends, that you are here.


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I think trading robot is a really good helper for the beginners. But you can't only relay on those robots. You should also study carefully market trends and trading strategies, otherwise you won't gain much experience as a traider and won't really increase your earnings. Good luck!


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Everything is very simple. Trade is exactly the same job as medicine, engineering, finance. It is worth learning and spending a lot of your time on it. If you do not want to study for 2-3 years, then you should turn to professionals and work with them. Yes, there are many such pros now, it can be difficult to choose, but in any case, you need to decide and follow the advice of a professional. This way you can trade effectively and efficiently.


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Hello all. Traiding robots helped me to safe my money when I was a newcomer of traiding. But at the same I worked hard to increase my knowledge.. Robots are very convenient now at all. Experienced users also can set up a trading strategy with using robots and get more free time.


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I started working on forex not so long ago. At first nothing worked. I was advised to use a trading advisor. I had to spend a lot of time and effort to find the one that would suit me. I did it. There were earnings. At first they were small, about 200 dollars, now it's 500. I think they will continue to increase.


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Hi everybody. I want to share my experience in the forex market, because many people dream of it, and I am no exception. If we talk about trading advisors, then these are the most indispensable assistants in work at the present time! In general, I believe that they will always be indispensable and useful!


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I prefer Tickmill, it seems to me that they have optimal trading conditions for working with ELM EA. Tickmill has other advantages as well. This is the fastest and most reliable broker I have ever worked with. It provides a very good platform, as well as free signals and training information.


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Тhis robot definitely allows you to make a profit. Robots can work positively or negatively. Therefore, i recommend that you test it on your demo account.


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A very handy assistant. No need to bother and sit out time on the exchanges, this assistant does everything for you. No crashes or interference. It is this assistant that I trust completely and am ready to speak about it with confidence. I saved $450 this way, which is a good amount for me as a beginner trader. I think in the future I will save three times more and the growth of my capital will increase.


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I started with ELM EA and had an amazing experience. From 100 dollars I went to a stable income. This allowed me to leave my main job. Now I work at home or in the park several hours a day. No risk, no loss. Perhaps it took longer. But now my deposit has more zeros than before. I advise beginners to try the demo version of the platform. And only then switch to the Pro version. This way you can get your experience yourself.


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I don't have enough experience to use trading robots, but I think that Forex.com fine work with the bot. I use ELM_EA/ It allows me to be in profit all the time. That robot with scalping strategy can trade without personal constant monitoring of trading process. I personally liked them.


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I see many ELM users here are using some VPS to run their ELM EAs. Of them all, Chocoping seems to be the top choice.

For the US$16.99 Chocoping monthly subscription, how many MT5 terminals can a single US$16.99 option support? Do you guys buy several subscriptions or get the more expensive options? If the VPS is too weak, losses will be the result. ELM EA supports 3 or 10 MT5 terminals running concurrently.

Running ELM EAs on the wrong VPS leads to losses instead of profits.
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In the modern world, automated trading is not possible without robots. While a person thinks, weighs the pros and cons, the robot instantly makes a decision. Of course, it is foolish to count on the profitability of an adviser that is distributed for free. I will say that in any case, a trader needs information to enter a trade, someone gets it from indicators, someone intuitively, and someone on the news. Beginners first themselves need to get enough knowledge about trading in the foreign exchange market. Therefore, everything is individual.